Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

No matter what wine you’re drinking, if it’s served in a great and right wine glass, it will usually taste better. But not all wine glasses are created equal.

Not only do reds and whites do better in different glasses, every person does not need the same type of glasses.

In our previous article, we reviewed the best red wine glasses, sparkling wine glasses, gin & tonic glasses, water & juice glasses.

Today we will be reviewing the best glasses for drinking white wine, you can add any of them to your bar collection for your perfect wine experience.

A white wine glass bowl is designed to have a U-shape and upright than that of the red wine glass, allowing the aroma to be released while also maintaining a cooler temperature.

The style of white wine glasses that is best for younger whites has a slightly large opening directing the wine to the tip and sides of the tongue to taste its sweetness.

While the style of white wine glasses for mature whites are straight and tall to enable them dispense the wine to the back and sides of the tongue to taste its bolder flavors.

Top 10 Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

Product ImageBrandContent CapacityNumber of Sets 
Best glasses for drinking white wineRiedel Heart to Heart Chardonnay Glasses.23.5/8 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineSchott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Cru Classic Stemware, Chardonnay White Wine Glass.13.8 oz6View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineRiedel Veritas Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass.13.7/8 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineLuigi Bormioli Atelier Sauvignon Wine Glass.11.3/4 oz6View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineRiedel Heart to Heart Riesling Glasses.16.1/4 oz2View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineLuigi Bormioli Atelier Riesling Wine Glass.15.7/8 oz6View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineWhite Wine Glasses - Lead Free Titanium Crystal Glass.12 oz3View on Amazon
Best Glasses for Drinking White WineThe One Wine Glass - Perfectly Designed Shaped Wine Glasses For All White Wines.15.5 oz2View on Amazon
Best Universal Drinking GlassesZalto Denk'Art Universal Glass18 oz1View on Amazon
Best universal drinking glassesFusion Air Universal Wine Glasses.18 oz4View on Amazon

Best For Chardonnay Wine: Riedel Heart to Heart White Wine Glasses

Best glasses for drinking white wine

Riedel heart to heart wine glass bowl is shaped to allow young wines express all their invigorating freshness, while mature wines are encouraged to deliver the nutty, spicy and mineral flavors of the wine.

It designed in a way that allows the low acidity set off the alcohol and rich flavors of the wine, highlighting its velvety, supple texture, emphasizing the fruit and ensuring a long balance finish.

It comes in clear set of 2 with 23.5/8 –oz capacity. It is made of machine blown crystal. It is dishwasher safe and durable.

Runner Up; Schott Zwiesel White Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

This Schott Zwiesel set of 6 chardonnay wine is made non-leaded tritan crystal glass to give it more strength and clarity. It can holds up to 13.8-oz glass. It is break, chipping, scratching and thermal shock resistant. It dishwasher safe and durable.

Best For Sauvignon Wine; Riedel Veritas Blanc Wine Glass

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

The riedel Veritas wine glass is designed to show the perfect combination of fruit and acidity balance on the plate, giving you a harmonious taste experience. It comes in set of 2 fine crystal glassware with 13.7/8-ounce capacity. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Runner Up; Luigi Bormioli Atelier White Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

The special sauvignon wine made by Luigi Bormioli is all you need to enjoy your sauvignon wine to the fullest. It is ultra clear and super durable. Made of high tech crystal glass.

It has innovative, elegant and functional designs. It is great for everyday use and parties. The stem is pulled and does not have mold seam but are highly flexible with a flat foot for better stability.

It is very easy to hold. It comes in a set of 6, 13.3/4-ounce capacity. It is made with non-leaded materials, break resistant and dishwasher safe.

Best For Riesling Wine; Riedel Heart to Heart Riesling wine glass

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

This wine glass comes in a set of 2 with 16.1/4-ounce capacity. The wine glass showcases and highlights the special qualities of your wine. It is made of lead free crystal glasses. It is very durable and dishwasher safe. But it is very fragile, handle it with extra care.

Runner Up; Luigi Bormioli Artlier Resling Wine Glass

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

Upgrade your white wine appreciation with this highly innovative and elegant wine glass from Luigi Bomioli constructed with purest raw materials.

The stem is pulled and easy to grip while the foot is flat  for stability. It comes in a set 6 and holds up to 15.75-ounce fluid.

Best For All White: ROD WINE, White Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

Elevate your wine experience with this perfect all purpose white wine glass from ROD Wine. The glass can hold up to 12-ounce fluid.

The glass sets balance in your hand, the touch of the elegant stem between your fingers, beautiful crystal chime form the rim and delicate scent of your favorite wine swirling around the bowl that will be a memorable experience for you and your guest.

It comes well packaged in a gift box with 195 pages eBook called “Wine Wisdom” and you will also have money back guaranteed from the manufacturers within 90days of purchase incase you are not certified with your purchased item.

Runner Up; THE ONE, White Wine Glasses

Best Glasses for Drinking White Wine

 THE ONE set of 2 lead free crystal glasses is break resistant and was designed to optimized all white wine types and grapes with thin rim to enhance the wine tasting.

It is super durable and has value for your money. It is a purchase that you will never regret doing. The One, white wine glass can hold up to 6-ounce fluid at the widest part.

It looks very gorgeous when place on any table and also feels comfortable and balanced in your hand when holding it.

Best Universal; Zalto Denk’Art Universal Glass

Best Universal Drinking Glasses

You will ever love this universal wine glass. This Zalto universal glass will be best for serious wine drinker. Both red and white wine showcases well in the glass.

The wine glass is made from non-leaded crystal glass, the Zalto sparkles brilliantly under the light and its delicate stem is pulled out and is thin.

This glass is an ideal for special occasions or when you are enjoying your favorite wine because it is super delicate and you will want to preserve it. Hand washing is always recommended.

This is the only universal wine glasses approved to best for wines according to sommeliers and beverage directors.

Runner Up; Fusion Air Universal Wine Glass

Best universal drinking glasses

Wine tastes much better with this standard and elegant Fusion Air set of 4 wine glasses. You can enjoy either red or white wine with the glasses. It was manufactured from non-leaded glass and is break resistant.

It is very safe to be place in the dishwasher but be very careful when washing and drying to avoid cracking and breaking as the glasses are very fragile, lightweight and delicate.

One I like about this set of glass is that they come with 10-years limited replacement warranty. It is good for people who do not have enough space for bar collection.

Types of White Wine Glasses

Chardonnay/Viognier Wine Glasses

They have wider bowls and top that tapers slightly. It is the same shape to the Pinot noir wine glasses but slightly smaller than that.

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses

They have long stem and a narrow bowl that tapers slightly. They are tall and slim making it easier to detect the aroma of the wine whilst minimizing the amount of oxygen in the glass to keep the wine fresh.

Riesling White Wine Glasses

These glasses are both taller and narrower than the chardonnay wine glasses. The tall and tapered design of the this wine glass made it concentrates the fruity aromas in the upper portion of the bowl and the long stem helps to keep the wine chilled.

All Purpose White Wine Glasses

If a single glass type is all that your circumstances permit, you are not left out. The all purpose white wine glass will be best for you.

Universal Wine Glasses

As wine lovers experiment with more varied styles and varietals, many are turning to Universal Wine Glasses. They can be used for any style of wine (red, white, rosé, or sparkling). Despite their fragile appearance, they are all dependable and should hold up to everyday use.


Remember that your dinner table setting is incomplete without your right glassware by your side.

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