Types of Male Enhancement Products on The Market

Today, I will be sharing with you types of male enhancement products on the market. But before that let us know what male enhancement is all about.

What Is Male Enhancement?

Male enhancement or (dick enlargement) simply means the process of increasing the size of your dick or penis in order to have the self confidence of a man in the presence of your partner or mates when in public and experience maximum sexual satisfaction through the use of Supplement or Pills, Cream, Gels, Exercise, Stretching, Penile Extenders and Surgery.

Most of dick enhancement pills are clinical proven to be effective while others are just a mere claim that their product works. Just be careful when buying over the counter male enhancement products.

Before you even make up your mind to buy of any natural male enhancement pills, you need to know types of male enhancement products on the market and best male enhancement pills that work.

Types of Male Enhancement Products On The Market

1. Male Enhancement Pills (Supplements)

types of male enhancement products on the market
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Of all the male enhancement products that are on the market, dick enlargement (or penis enlargement pills) makes up the majority of the billions dollar market.

It may also interest you to know that these male enhancement pills are graded into 3 groups, which includes; the prescription grade, non-prescription grade (over-the-counter male enhancement pills) and generic penis enlargement pills.

Prescription Grade: These are the male enlargement pills that have FDA backing. They can be prescribed by a Doctor or Physician to their patient e.g. Viagra.

Non-Prescription grade: These are over the counter male enlargement pills that can be bought and taken without Doctor’s prescription. They have no side effects because they contain only natural ingredients and are clinically approved to be good for human consumption without side. They includes: Male Extra, Male Ultracore, and Viasil.

Generic Male Enhancement Pills: These male enhancement pills has not been clinically proven and they have no clinical support backing their claim, they are too many in the market today. Just be careful before you open your wallet to purchase to avoid putting yourself into condition that may not be reversed because those ones may contain some hidden ingredients that might harm you. Ensure you talk to your doctor before using them.

2. Male Enhancement Gels Or Creams

 types of male enhancement products on the market
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The awareness of male enhancement gels or creams are on the increase rate to men of these days because the claim to be safer alternative but know that as there are body creams that can cause skin allergies or skin reaction so also there will be male enhancement gels/creams that may cause skin reaction and allergies to the sensitive parts of both partners.

Ensure you test them out first on your fingers or partner fingers before application to your genital to be sure there will be no reaction of any kind when applied since they are absorbed into your skin. If you’re considering using cream, ensure you do extensive research about it before buying.

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3.  Vacuum Pump And Clam & Rings

types of male enhancement Product on the market
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The use of penis vacuum pump and clamp & rings have been on increase and gaining popular awareness.  Some of these products on the market have medically been proven to be effective while many have not proven but they are also selling. It can increase the flow of blood into penis blood vessels and can also increase the length of your penis with some inches.

Though this method of penis enlargement seems safer, it has its own side effects as the frequent pumping, stretching and wearing of the pump can cause vessels and nerve damages and its effect is less. You can always combine this pumping method with male enhancement pills for maximum result.

If you’re considering this method, make sure you patiently follow the lay down instruction. Don’t rush it to achieve your goal in 20mins and don’t over do it to avoid damaging your penis in the quest of enlarging it.

4. Penile Exercise:

There are some many online forums promoting many kind of exercise that claim to enlarge your penis both in girth and length. And some young men are going into it. One of the exercise is called Jelqing, it involve using of your hands massaging, your penis in a way that stretches from pubic bone to penis head in order to improve blood flow to the head of penis. But this has not been clinically proven to do so and it can cause side effect like pain, irritation or scar tissue formation due to severe stretching. Damaging blood vessels and nerves.

5. Penile Extender

types of male enhancement products on the market
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Penile extender is a noninvasive device that can be worn on a penis for the purpose of extending the length of your penis. It uses traction method to stretch your penis. Though some reports has found that the average participants flaccid penis increased by 1.5cm but these does not make it safer as too much stretching can lead bruises, damaging of blood vessels or blood clot to form on the penis vein.

It can equally be use by men with peyronie’s disease to reduce the curvature of their penis and strengthen it.

6. Surgery:

You can only increase the length of your penis or the girth of the penis with this method but know that this method have a severe side effect more than every other methods..

Penis surgery for lengthening is an option for men who are looking to enlarge their male organ but it is highly controversial procedure and has many side effects that can render you sexually useless and full of regrets. It is a procedure where the Doctor cuts the ligament that attaches your penis during erection to your pubic bone just to add extra length to your flaccid penis.

Another method is by increasing the girth of your penis by injecting fats taken from another part of your body into the penis to fatten the circumference. It also has its own side effects

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Whichever method of surgery use for the dick enlargement does not make any meaning as their side effects might be life threatening.


Finally, it is only non-prescription grade of male enhancement pills proves to be safer with no side effect, the only down side of these pill is that they have not clinically proven to extends the length and girth of your penis flaccid penis but can increase the length and girth of an erect penis by making an erect penis bigger, stronger and longer to give you intense satisfaction and multiple orgasms. So you can consider using it than any other method.

Whichever methods you’re using, ensure you follow manufacturers instruction. Don’t over do them. Too much of everything whether good or bad has negative impact or effect.

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